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The property chain can be an expensive process so ensuring you know all the related fees is a must. If you need to sell your house fast in Bacup it may not be the best way to proceed.
Fees Related to Selling a House:
  • Estate Agent’s Fee: This is decided when the house is put on the market and is usually 1-3% of the sale value, with an additional 20% VAT.
  • Removal Costs: Costing around £500 to a few thousand pounds though you can hire a removal van and do this yourself at a reduced cost.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): This is a certificate showing how energy efficient your home is. The property will be given a grade from A to G, with A being the most efficient. You must have one of these before selling your home and you’ll need to have (at the very least) ordered one before putting your house on the market. These usually cost £50-120.
  • Conveyancing Fee: A conveyancer or solicitor will deal with the legal side of selling your home. They may charge either a flat fee or ask for a value percentage of the property. Fees range from £500-1500.
In addition to all the fees incurred you are not guaranteed a quick sale of your property. There may be a fall through on the sale. All this costs vital time and money as well as causes stress.  A quicker method with a guaranteed sale is to sell to a fast house buying company such as 123 sold. At 123 sold we will buy any house, in any condition, anywhere in England.
Do you need cash buyers only for your property in Bacup, Lancashire? Do you need to sell your house fast? Whatever your reason to sell your house – relocation, emigration, divorce, probate / inheritance, 123 Sold can help – we are fast cash buyers.
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At 123 sold we will buy any house regardless of any issues - whether it has structural damage, dry rot, wet rot, fire damage, flood damage, vandalised, problem neighbours, problem tenants or you are just fed up of the slow housing market you can be guaranteed a fast house sale with 123 sold. We can purchase your house within 7 days, or within a timescale to suit you. Sell problem property Bacup, sell problem property Britannia, sell problem property Broadclough, sell problem property Crawshawbooth, sell problem property Deerplay, sell problem property Dulesgate, sell problem property Stacksteads, sell problem property Whitworth, sell problem property Crawshawbooth, sell problem property Waterfoot, sell problem property Weir, sell problem property Walsden, sell problem property Shawforth, sell problem property OL13.
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We are genuine cash house buyers - we don't look for investors to buy your property (which results in a slower process and usually lower sale prices for you). Sell house for cash Bacup, sell house for cash Britannia, sell house for cash Broadclough, sell house for cash Crawshawbooth, sell house for cash Deerplay, sell house for cash Dulesgate, sell house for cash Stacksteads, sell house for cash Whitworth, sell house for cash Crawshawbooth, sell house for cash Waterfoot, sell house for cash Weir, sell house for cash Walsden, sell house for cash Shawforth, sell house for cash OL13.
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Yes - absolutely. You can be assured of selling house fast Bacup, sell house fast Britannia, sell house fast Broadclough, sell house fast Crawshawbooth, sell house fast Deerplay, sell house fast Dulesgate, sell house fast Stacksteads, sell house fast Whitworth, sell house fast Crawshawbooth, sell house fast Waterfoot, sell house fast Weir, sell house fast Walsden, sell house fast Shawforth, sell house fast OL13.
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