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Sell House Fast Salford with 123 Property Sold

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Salford, Lancashire? Do you need to sell your property quickly in Salford and with no hassle? At 123 Sold we can offer you a stress and hassle free house buying service.

What kind of Property do 123 sold look to buy?

In simple terms, we buy any type of property in Salford – It does not matter whether it is a detached house, semi-detached house, terraced house, bungalow, apartment, or studio flat. Many cash house buying companies only buy properties that are in a good and well-kept condition. At 123 property sold we work differently – we can look at properties that need maintenance work, structural repairs, damp proof work etc. If you have a council house in Salford and you need to sell fast, please call 0800 112 0246.

What are the benefits for you by using 123 sold?

By using 123 sold you can pick a completion date to suit your needs and requirements. Do you need to sell your property in Salford within 7 days – or do you need a few months to complete – the choice is yours. We will pay all fees required to complete the sale of the property from surveyors to solicitors. This can potentially save you thousands and take the stress out of having to arrange for them to complete the property sale. Don’t forget you won’t have to pay any expensive Estate Agent’s fees when you sell your property in Salford to 123 sold.

At 123 sold we deal with all the hassle in selling your house quickly in Salford – it really is as simple as 123.

What are the other options to sell Your House in Salford?

There are various ways that you could sell your property in Salford, Lancashire.

Estate Agents in Salford – You may be able to achieve a fast offer on your property, but how fast depends on several factors outside your control. It could take 6 months or more to get an offer on your property. Once you accept the offer the legal process will take another 3 months. All along this entire process could fall through with “a break in the chain” causing delays and stress. You will also have to pay legal fees, estate agent’s fees etc.

Property Auction in Salford – Traditionally this was the go to route to sell your property reasonably quickly. Most auctions are held every 4 – 8 weeks so it could be a while before your property goes to the auction room. If your property does sell at auction, it usually takes a further 28 days to complete the sale. If you sell you will have to pay legal fees and the auction fees. If your property doesn’t sell you will be left with having to pay auction fees.

“Sell Your House Fast in Salford Companies” – There are many companies that will tell you that they will buy your property fast for cash in Salford, we at 123 sold do.  Many companies tell you that they will buy your house quickly, but in reality, will be looking at investors who are interested in buying your property. This could potentially cause delays or worse they may not find anyone wanting to purchase your property. At 123 sold we will buy your property in Salford for cash within timescales to suit you.