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  • 123 Property Sold have successfully purchased pubs, bars, public houses, beer gardens and breweries. If you are a property owner / pub landlord and wish to sell your commercial property quickly – contact 123 sold for a free no obligation fast cash offer.

    Do you have a pub for sale? If so, it's probable that you wish you could wave a wand, so someone else could "sell my pub - now!" Because trading conditions for pubs and hostelries are not easy at the moment, and getting a sale closed quickly is important. Unfortunately, you may also have found out that the word 'quick' and 'sales' don't usually find themselves together, when it comes to your plan to sell my pub. So, who do you have on the team to make sure that a sale does happen?


    Commercial estate agents are the usual suspects, when it comes to helping with people's 'sell my pub' requests. Presumably, they should be able to push your pub, into the right places, and so bring the buyers in, to check your premises out. After all, that is why they are being paid a fee, surely - so they should act in your best interest.


    Estate agents do have a bad habit, however, of focusing on their own best interests - which is, to say, their fee. Too often, their clients come second, or third, best. Because the commercial property market remains difficult, with worries of poor returns scaring buyers off, agents have become a little more 'creative' than normal to make sales happen.


    For a start, if they think trying to help you 'sell my pub' looks like a lot of work, with little hope of gain, they may decide to leave you off of their books. But even if they favour your request to sell my pub, be prepared for some strong-arm tactics, to get it sorted. They could push the valuation of your pub down, below its true value, or try to talk it down, when a buyer gets interested. Or they may even be involved in 'double running' - that is they take a fee from you, but also from a favoured in-house buyer, who gets a nice price for your pub. The estate agent gets twice the fee, and you end up nicely out of pocket- you may no longer need to 'sell my pub', but your sale will have cost you dearly.


    123 sold is the fast, easy and effective way to sell your pub, bar, public house, winebar etc quickly. Contact us to day if you want to sell a pub in Bury, Ainsworth, Bamford, Blackford Bridge, Brandlesholme, Chesham, Prestwich, Elton, Fairfield,Greenmount, Hawkshaw, Hollins, Holcombe Brook, Limefield, Parkhills, Redvales, Seddons Farm, Shuttleworth, Summerseat,Tottington, Walshaw, Walmersley, Woolfold or any other area in the following postcodes: BL8, BL9, BL0.


    Selling with 123 sold is as easy as 1-2-3.


    1. Call us or fill in the form and we will make you an offer within 24 hours.

    2. Once the price is agreed we confirm a date for completion.

    3. Once the sale completes you receive the money.


    Sell your pub the simple, fast and transparent way. You can be assured of a guaranteed fast property sale. We have the cash ready to purchase your pub, with all the legal stuff taken care of too. With the money in your bank in 14 days or less, it’s little wonder we’re one of the most trusted property buyers. 


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